We are a youth organization which objective is to create possibilities for young people to master a broad spectra of civil courage methods which can be applied in situations tinged by injustice, restrictive norms, discrimination and violence. By using role play we discover and explore how small acts ond techniques can make a difference in our daily lives.

Vardagens Civilkurage, which translated means “Civil Courage in Everyday Life”, is directed towards youths and young adults within the age group of 15-25. The project is founded by the Malmö-based organization Centralasiengrupperna, a nonprofit, volunteer-driven organization which works in Sweden and central Asia for human rights and social justice. In collaboration with other local organizations we are working for democracy and participation, prevention of violence, oppression, discrimination, harassment and bullying.

For the time being our trainings are held in Swedish. However, we also collaborate with volunteer groups who contact us and do from time to time hold particular trainings in English.